Do you like to take part on a Photo Shooting with me ?
In case send me a picture of your face and cock ion order to make my decision.





I am always looking for women, men or couples which are interested to take part on shootings with me. There are no special. The excists no fix screenplay as the situation and the persons are always different. Also I like to point out that I treat such meetings very personally. I welcome you in my house or a studio and we take some time to talk and come clother in our mind.

The focus is based my feet, I like to have them massaged, treated well, creamed and they have to be licked and sucked. I offer you at least a nice footjob when you are ready to your treatment. Howewer more is possible between us if the chemist is ok.

The pictures are being used for my website. Your face will be shown in the memberīs section, in the free area I am prepared to hide it if you like. The pictures are being taken from my photographer and you agree that the pictures are his property. They will be used only for the website. If you like you may have copies of all pictures which are only for your private use of course. I like to mention that no money is being paid to any side.

In case you are interested please send me your application at “” telling my something about you and let me have some pictures on which I can see your face, your body and your cock, which is very important to me as my members like when I play with those.

Finally please be informed that this website is private and not commercial, also when it looks like it. I run my own company and act for my website only in my free time, mostly at the weekend. This is the reason that I am often very busy and cannot fullfil all requests - or the first meeting will take time to take place ...